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Each thinking individual must begin to take responsibility for self and one's relationship to others and the world in which we live. Many questions are pondered in our workshops and classes. You will be encouraged into a responsible study to find truth for yourself.

Leave your belief systems outside the door. You may pick them up on the way out, if you wish!

Rev. Weston D. Bailey's long-awaited guidebook on a study that is the most exciting adventure anyone can undertake. That of understanding yourself, your experiences, and your relationship to the environment and cosmic scene in which you find yourself.

Light Color Energy Healing is a scientifically recognized process developed by Rev. Weston D. Bailey. One's higher consciousness is guided in manifesting healing by accessing residues from the past and present utilizing regression, visualization and color. Highly developed clairvoyance adds a dimension to healing as subconscious defense mechanisms create blocks that prevent individual development.