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A Profile of Human Potential

Change is such a small word, yet its application to our lives has enormous implications. My perception, after more than 40 years of study and research in the areas of spiritual science and healing, reveals to me that there are many changes in your life that must occur if you are to improve the quality of your life and the culture you live in.
You may have to change your attitude. You may have to change your beliefs. You may have to make many changes to improve your life and the attendant conditions. I urge you toward these changes, and I suggest you seek the help of a different kind than previously available.
Change is the only permanent thing that you, in your present state, can realize. Suspended as you are between two mysteries, the mystery of birth and the mystery of death, it behooves you to examine these mysteries more closely, both spiritually and scientifically.
The pains, the problems, and most of the diseases of humankind come from the past. Your willingness to examine this issue carefully will offer you some wonderful changes in your life; a degree of happiness, a state of health, hope where there has been none, and help where others have given up.
You are about to embark upon a study that is the most exciting adventure anyone can undertake—a study that will help you to understand yourself, your experiences, and your relationship to the environment and cosmic scene in which you find yourself.

Planet and Moon

         Table of Contents:

  • “Metaphysics and Consciousness (Early Spiritualistic and Scientific Studies)”

  • “Extended Sense Perception (The Psychic Senses)”

  • “Levels and Dimensions of Consciousness”

  • “Healing with Color, Energy, and Intent”

  • “The Hierarchy of Light: Introduction to Spirit Guides”

  • “The Subtle Energies and Parapsychology of Spirit Influence and Attachment”

  • “Death and Survival”

  • “Reincarnation, Karma, and Belief Systems”

  • “Discovering Causes and Healing of Disease”

  • “The Ascended Masters: Who, What and Where Are They?”

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