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Rev. Weston D. Bailey

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*The Art & Practice of Meditation, Parts I, II, II, IV

An Exercise in Relaxation

Meditation – The Key to Spiritual Growth

The Ascended Masters

A Bible Lesson with Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine – Self-Culture

The Bible – A Metaphysical Perspective

Christmas Service

The Church – Religion of the Future

The Continuity of Life – From Faith to Fact

The Death Experience

Develop Your Higher Self

Father’s Day

Farmer’s Plight – Your Spiritual Responsibility to Yourself & Others

God & the Occult

Is God Male or Female? – Mother’s Day

Harmonic Convergence, Age of Aquarius, Crystals

Healing the Blind Spots – How to Deal with Anger

The Healing Influence

The Healing Voice Within

How to Relate to Stress

Huna – Hawaiian Spiritual Practice

The Inner-Self – What is It?

Invoking the Healing Influence – The Violet Flame

Suggestions for Self-Culture and The Violet Flame


Friendship & Karma

The Last Outpost of Religion

The Love Relationship

Metaphysics – No Threat to Religion

The Mind Race

Our Invisible Helpers – Contacting Your Spirit Guides

The Power of Suggestion in Healing

Psychic Phenomena

Psychic Phenomena & Religion

*The Rich & Wonderful History of Spiritualism Series – Metaphysics & Parapsychology, Parts I, II, III, IV

Sexuality, Morality & Psychic Development

Sexuality, Pornography & Spirituality

*Spirit Manifestations, Parts I & II

Your Spiritual Freedom & the Law

Spiritual Healing

*Spiritual Phenomena – Definitions, Parts I & II

Sunrise Service – Harmonic Convergence

Telepathy & Its Relation to Spiritual Healing

Telepathy, Sensitivity & Psychic Consciousness

The Springtime of Spiritual Awakening (Easter)

There is a Creative Genius Within You


Understanding Metaphysical Phenomena Through Scientific & Spiritual Research

An Unusual Easter Message

Walk-Ins & Channeling

Wesak Festival Service

What is Really Important?

Women’s role in the New Age

Yellow & Blue, Part I

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